Periodontal Debridement - "cleanings" that remove of plaque and calculus from the teeth by hand and/or ultrasonic instrumentation

Polishing - removal of plaque and stain

Examinations - assessments of the oral cavity, head and neck.

Desensitizing - is your sensitive toothpaste just not cutting it?? Come in for a professional desensitizing service!

Whitening - brighten that smile with our professional in-office whitening treatment (no fillers or additives). After initial treatment you have the option of professional touch-up whitening for only $50 with you regular cleaning. Custom fit trays are also available.

Mouthguards- Custom made protection for your teeth and surrounding tissues.

Sealants- A preventative procedure where we place a bonding material in the deep pits and grooves of the teeth to prevent decay.

Fluoride - Helping to remineralize and strengthen the enamel while helping with any sensitivity. By 'painting' on the Fluoride varnish we help strengthen enamel and prevent decay.



Assessments include complete head & neck assessments, hard and soft tissue examination as well as full periodontal evaluation to evaluate the health of your periodontium and screen for oral cancer.

X-Rays - 'to see is to know' - our digital radiographs allow us to look within, around and between the teeth that would otherwise go unseen.

Referrals - your radiographs and clinical finding can be emailed to your Dentist, Doctor or other health professional.


The key to oral health!

Save money on your dental bills by focusing on prevention and regular maintenance or you teeth and surrounding tissues.

Insurance: For you convenience we are able to direct bill most insurance companies.  Not to worry if you don't have insurance, our rates are LOWER than the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

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Wicked White Professional

Our professional in-office tooth whitening system could bring you 3-8 shades lighter in just one session with little-no sensitivity.  Our whitening products are 100% pure with no fillers or additives.  Custom-made whitening trays are also available.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) has been used to manage decay (cavities) in other countries for more than 80 years.  In 2017 it received acceptance by Health Canada and Shine DHC is proud to provide it as an option in cases where fillings and other dental treatment are not achievable.